Brick End Planning Appeal

Hearing on Friday 17 June 2022

In 2019 the local planning authority refused an application to set up a travellers’ caravan site on land at Brick End in Broxted. The applicant appealed and the appeal was heard on 17 June 2022 by a Planning Inspector. The inspector decided to approve the site, on condition that the applicant complied with a number of conditions first.

This is the decision:

You will see that the applicant will need to carry out some work before starting to construct the site.  The local Planning Authority, Uttlesford District Council, will be responsible for deciding whether the site owner is complying with the conditions.  You may  wish to contact the district council, or  your district councillors, about that.    

You can find also find the Inspector’s decision on the planning section of Uttlesford District Council website